Our Elite Edge trainers are former professional athletes, bio mechanics consultants, personal trainers, and or strength coaches.
We are a science based fitness and sports performance center employing only the highest level of knowledgeable trainers and specialists to help our clients achieve their optimal performance, health, and fitness goals.
Jason Colleran Elite Edge Owner

Jason Colleran

OwneR/ Head Instructor

Since 2010 Jason has worked as a Biomechanics Consultant with medical professionals and professional athletes. His  specialty and experience in MAT has given him a national platform to help educate and mentor athletes, trainers and Performance Coaches in neuromuscular function, musculoskeletal mechanics, and resistance mechanics.  As a former top tier collegiate athlete whose career was cut short by devastating injuries gave way to his innovation the Kinetic Arm and patented MuscleWeb Technology, a bio-web technology engineered to stabilize both the elbow and the shoulder while throwing. The Kinetic Arm has clinically proven to reduce arm stress up to 30% during throwing and swinging motions in sports.

Learn more:  KINETIC ARM.

Mike West

Mike West

MAT Director -Instructor-Trainer

Mike began training as a member of Elite Edge in 2012 to physically prepare for joining the military. After serving for 5 years, he returned to his hometown and joined the Elite Edge family as a class leader and personal trainer. Since joining the team, Mike has spent most of his time taking on new clients and has found his passion leading others in their fitness journey. He is also a Biomechanics consultant and Muscle Activation Specialist for athletes and fitness enthusiasts with chronic injuries. Mike believes training should be done with purpose and efficiency to maintain longevity in sports and healthy lifestyles while also practicing these principles in his own health and fitness goals like weightlifting, jiu jitsu and metabolic training.

Ken Westbrook


Ken moved from California to Atlanta in 1994.  He was a sprinter and hurdler at CAU when a reoccurring injury cut his collegiate career short. He graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a B.S. in Health Education in 1997, and prior to college was an Army Paratrooper- Desert Storm Veteran.  Ken learned about  Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) from MAT specialist Jason Colleran at Elite Edge Fitness, after experiencing an injury. Shortly after his treatment he was able to run 6-mile races in just 6 weeks.  Passionate about his results he enrolled into the Muscle Activation Techniques program and is now an MAT Specialist at Elite Edge. Ken pursues his passion helping runners and active people of all skill levels achieve their goals.

Ainslie Armstrong

Ainslie Armstrong

Elite Trainer - Instructor

Ainslie is from Chamblee born and raised, and was a competitive varsity swimmer in high school. It was not too long after that she found her love and passion for fitness and  weight training after being inspired by her younger brother who was a Chamblee High School football player. Ainslie is a senior at GSU pursuing her degree in exercise science. Outside of school she is a class instructor and versed personal trainer at Elite Edge. Ainslie is a fierce competitor on the mats and has won multiple Jiu Jitsu tournaments majority submission. She attributes her strength and conditioning to Elite Edge. She hopes to use her passions for fitness and wellness to show others how much potential they really have.

Victoria Delgado Trainer

Victoria Delgado

Victoria was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Victoria has a proven track record of helping women seeking changes in their body composition, and increasing energy & confidence, help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar as well as reduce pain by improving mobility, range of motion, and flexibility.
She is a 4x Gold Ibjjf International Open Champion and 2021 Double Silver World Master Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  She is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach, teaching self-defense, competition training, and Jiu-Jitsu for law enforcement and security training under 7x World Champion Leonardo Nogueira in Atlanta, Georgia.
Clint O'Brien

Clint O'Brien


Clint joined the Elite Edge Team with over 33 years experience in baseball.   He has had the opportunity to play a baseball pitcher in the baseball movie 42, as well as work with high profile athletes.  Clint pursued his passion and has dedicated the last 6+ years to coaching and training young athletes.  Clint decided to leverage his expertise and train athletes at Elite Edge, where he is able to offer athletes an unmatched training experience to help them with strength, agility, and workload management. 


Zach Vanzile Trainer

Zach Vanzile

Zach grew up in Michigan playing hockey, football, track and was a 3x All-state Wrestler in high school. As a combat medic in the Army Zach’s Command entrusted him to design and implement the units fitness training program.  While enlisted Zach also earned his Master Combatives certification.  Zach has trained and competed in MMA and BJJ all over the world, spending time in Thai land and all over the west coast before moving back East.  He has served his community as a Corrections Officer, Police Officer and Fire Fighter in his home state of Michigan. Zach also had success coaching High School wrestlers, helping several aspiring athletes attain their goals of becoming All-State wrestlers. 
Amber Clark Trainer



Amber is from Savannah Georgia and is also a Kennesaw State University Alumni.  Her fitness journey started with dance, and after acquiring over 10 years experience in dance her passion for motion and fitness evolved.  She followed her passion  acquiring knowledge about strength training and fitness which has inspired her to find a new love to help others on their fitness journey as well as improve their lives. She hopes to continue to inspire others to achieve a healthy lifestyle while training at Elite Edge.

Dan Lazzaroni

Dan Lazzaroni

Sports Coach

Dan is a former professional pitcher with the Padres (AAA) and has over 10 years experience in coaching elite travel ball.  He joins Elite Edge as a baseball instructor to help athletes not only develop strength training, but prepare for all the ins and outs of what it takes to reach the highest levels. He has published books which are available on Amazon called “How to Hit Spots” “Command the Zone” and “Top 10 Strike Out Sequences.” Explaining the foundation principles behind throwing a baseball wherever the player wants, and how and why his strategies work based on human body and it’s functions.  


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