We are a science based sports performance center employing only the highest level of knowledgeable trainers and specialists to help our clients achieve their performance, health and fitness goals.

Team of
Exercise Professionals

Our Elite Edge instructors are former professional athletes, bio mechanics consultants, personal trainers, and strength coaches.

Jason Colleran

Owner and Head Instructor

Jason has over 8 years of experience as a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and 18 years of experience as a Biomechanics Consultant for medical professionals and professional athletes. He also dedicates time to educate and mentor Personal Trainers and Performance Coaches. Along with his MAT specialty, Jason has also attended the RTS (Resistance Training Specialists) Mastery classes and will be testing out this fall. As a former baseball player and active competitor as a Brown Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, he understands how to strategically train for competition or just to maintain overall health and well being.

He recently won the 2020 ABCA “Best of Show” award for most innovative product at the largest baseball trade show globally, with over 7,500 coaches and 350 exhibitors in attendance. “The Perfect Arm” is a stress reduction sleeve clinically proven to reduce stress on the elbow and shoulder while throwing a baseball, softball, football, javelin, or playing tennis. Jason developed this patented MuscleWeb Technology to help keep athletes and sports enthusiasts safe while playing the sports they love. Visit ThePerfectArm.com to learn more!

Ken Westbrook

Elite Edge Instructor

Ken Westbrook has lived in Atlanta since 1994 when he moved here from California to attend Clark Atlanta University. He was a sprinter and hurdler at CAU when a reoccurring injury cut his collegiate career short. As an athlete, Ken has always been drawn to a profession in sports medicine and athletic training. He graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a B.S. in Health Education in 1997.
Before college in 1994, Ken was an Army Paratrooper and is a Desert Storm Veteran. Years later, he was introduced to obstacle course racing and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, during his training, Ken experienced another injury. During this time, Ken learned about and experienced Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). Having not run for almost a year, Ken, with the help of MAT specialist Jason Colleran at Elite Edge Fitness, began running full 6-mile races in just 6 weeks. Shortly after his MAT experience with Jason, he enrolled in the Muscle Activation Techniques program and is now an MAT Specialist himself. Ken now pursues his passion and is dedicated to helping runners and active people of all skill levels achieve their goals while preventing the same types of injuries he experienced.

Bryce Wieland

Elite Edge Instructor

As a former high school and collegiate lacrosse player, Bryce has spent most of his life becoming faster and stronger. Athletics have been a part of his life for over 20 years. In addition to physical speed and strength training, Bryce is a strong advocate for mental and spiritual growth. He believes lessons learned in the gym and on the field can and should be applied to everyday life. When he’s not crushing training at Elite Edge, you can find Bryce hanging out with his fiancee, at the lake, or with his two dogs at Piedmont park.

Katie HArton

Elite Edge Instructor

Meet Katie!

Katie is a NASM certified Elite Edge Fitness Personal Trainer and Group Instructor. Members love Katie because she is approachable, sweet but fierce, and her passion for fitness shows in every session and every class.

“I take my career seriously. I made an intentional decision to quit my corporate marketing job two years ago so I could focus on something I was passionate about. Fitness is personal to me.”

As a busy mother, Katie understands the demand of parenthood and works to create an empathetic space where her clients can find balance and build strength.

Katie views fitness as any strong relationship. “It’s not always easy, and you have to work really hard at it, but it’s worth it – the journey, the destination, and all the obstacles in between.”

Katie believes in providing a positive and empowering experience – every time – as many times as it takes.

“Understanding your body and its needs is a priority for me as a fitness coach. From there, we can create a customized fitness routine that suits your body type and lifestyle with less strain on your body. Call now to schedule your complimentary workout and wellness assessment!”

Mike West

Elite Edge Instructor

Mike began training as a member of Elite Edge in 2012 to physically prepare for joining the military. After serving for 5 years, he returned to his hometown and joined the Elite Edge family as a class leader and personal trainer. Since joining the team, Mike has spent most of his time taking on new clients and has found his passion leading others in their fitness journey. He is also a Biomechanics consultant and Muscle Activation Specialist for athletes and fitness enthusiasts with chronic injuries. Mike believes training should be done with purpose and efficiency to maintain longevity in sports and healthy lifestyles while also practicing these principles in his own health and fitness goals like weightlifting and metabolic training.


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