Jason Colleran is a passionate entrepreneur and training expert who is revolutionizing the sports industry in the United States & Abroad.

He possesses a deep understanding of human movement and physiology to provide comprehensive assessments, customized training programs, and  valuable insights to help athletes optimize performance, maximize training, and prevent injuries.

As the proud owner of Elite Edge  and Kinetic Arm in Atlanta GA, he has dedicated his career to helping athletes with his one-of- a-kind training programs and deep rooted science-based approach combining specialized training methodologies, personalized coaching, and innovative technology to give exceptional and measurable results for his clients.


 Customized Athletic Training

Jason Colleran is a highly acclaimed and exclusive performance trainer, renowned for his exceptional ability to assess, develop, and elevate the performance of athletes across various sports. With an unwavering passion and extensive background in biomechanics and working with professional athletes, Jason assesses and offers customized training programs for athletes at all levels to help them achieve their full potential on and off the field. His success has been unparalleled in transforming the performance of some high-profile celebrity athletes which catapulted him into the elite realm of  training. Jason’s services are now being sought after by some of the biggest names in the sports industry. From baseball, football, to basketball, from boxing to MMA,  Jason has honed his skills to cater to the unique demands of each sport, following his passion to help the development of young athletes.

Coaches & trainers

Coaches & Trainers Continuing Education

Jason Colleran is a dynamic and influential speaker who has followed his passion to educate others and share his career experience as a biomechanics consultant, trainer, inventor, and dual-business owner. He gives insights and practical training applications and innovations that have had proven results to help maximize athletic performance while minimizing injury risks.  Jason has become a sought-after mentor and speaker in the realm of sports education and continuing education for medical professionals. He has spoken at sports conferences like ABCA sharing his insights on arm care and the research findings backing his innovation, the Kinetic Arm. His reputation, experience, passion, and product innovation has led him into numerous collaborations with professional athletes,  sports teams, universities, and organizations nationwide. 

Medical Professionals

Neuromuscular Assessment
Continuing Education for Physical Therapists and Medical Professionals
As an educational speaker and performance trainer with a background in sports and biomechanics, Jason Colleran leverages his unique experience and expertise to offer valuable insights and support to medical professionals and organizations. With his background in injury prevention and rehabilitation, Jason collaborates with medical professionals, such as physiotherapists and sports medicine doctors, to develop comprehensive rehabilitation programs for athletes and patients. By combining neuromuscular muscular activation principles with medical expertise, they can optimize the recovery process and expedite the return to peak performance. Jason Colleran offers a valuable perspective and proven tools that an be used to enhance patient care, and promote longevity to help optimize patient outcomes.