Muscle Activation Techniques™

An innovative approach to restoring motion and control around joints.

Total Body Assessment

Total body neuromuscular assessment at all major joints and muscle groups

Video Analysis

Slow motion video analysis of speed, strength, sport/position specific movements, and compensation patterns

Strategic progressions

Discuss strategic progressions to improve performance/program design

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™)

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is a biomechanical evaluation and treatment process that identifies a limited range of motion and muscle inhibition. MAT is a revolutionary approach to treating the muscular system and has successfully restored movement and control around joints. MAT™ addresses dysfunction at its source, reducing compensations and significantly improving functional strength capabilities.

MAT™ uses a detailed Comparative Assessment of Motion evaluation to identify asymmetries. Muscle tightness is created as an orchestrated defense to avoid joint positions that cannot be actively controlled due to muscle weakness. MAT™ identifies and re-activates these weak muscles through precise manual palpations and positional isometric exercises, restoring contractile capabilities and motion. MAT™ has a system of checks and balances in place that provides immediate confirmation that contractile ability has been restored and provides a measurable outcome. MAT™ is beneficial to people on all ends of the spectrum with all types of goals. For Exercise enthusiasts and athletes MAT™ can increase performance, prevent the occurrence of injury and eliminate discomfort associated with training. For other people MAT™ provides increased physical ability to perform the activities of daily living and recreation.

Only an MAT™ Certified Specialist (MATs) can perform Muscle Activation Techniques™. MATs understand complex mechanical relationships and recognize that every joint is interrelated and that abnormal mechanics at one joint inevitably affect another. MAT™ Certified specialists have completed a rigorous 10- month internship with over 300 hours of required coursework and over 500 hours of hands-on experience making them the most qualified professionals available.

Jason Colleran

Owner and Head Coach

Jason has over 8 years of experience as a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and 18 years of experience as a Biomechanics Consultant for medical professionals and professional athletes. He also dedicates time to educate and mentor Personal Trainers and Performance Coaches. Along with his MAT specialty, Jason has also attended the RTS (Resistance Training Specialists) Mastery classes and will be testing out this fall. As a former baseball player and active competitor as a Brown Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, he understands how to strategically train for competition or just to maintain overall health and well being.

He recently won the 2020 ABCA “Best of Show” award for most innovative product at the largest baseball trade show globally, with over 7,500 coaches and 350 exhibitors in attendance. “The Perfect Arm” is a stress reduction sleeve clinically proven to reduce stress on the elbow and shoulder while throwing a baseball, softball, football, javelin, or playing tennis. Jason developed this patented MuscleWeb Technology to help keep athletes and sports enthusiasts safe while playing the sports they love. Visit to learn more!

Ken Westbrook

Elite Edge Coach

Ken Westbrook has lived in Atlanta since 1994 when he moved here from California to attend Clark Atlanta University. He was a sprinter and hurdler at CAU when a reoccurring injury cut his collegiate career short. As an athlete, Ken has always been drawn to a profession in sports medicine and athletic training. He graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a B.S. in Health Education in 1997.
Before college in 1994, Ken was an Army Paratrooper and is a Desert Storm Veteran. Years later, he was introduced to obstacle course racing and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, during his training, Ken experienced another injury. During this time, Ken learned about and experienced Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). Having not run for almost a year, Ken, with the help of MAT specialist Jason Colleran at Elite Edge Fitness, began running full 6-mile races in just 6 weeks. Shortly after his MAT experience with Jason, he enrolled in the Muscle Activation Techniques program and is now an MAT Specialist himself. Ken now pursues his passion and is dedicated to helping runners and active people of all skill levels achieve their goals while preventing the same types of injuries he experienced.

Muscle activation Techniques

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