Elite Edge Fitness provides Group Fitness, Personal Training, and Sports Performance programs.

Elite Extreme

Who takes this class? Everyone from beginners to weekend warriors to professional athletes! Beginners will start at a slow pace and work at their capacity, with the option of recording their results to track personal progress. Intermediate and advanced choose the more difficult weights or exercises and compete against others for time!

After two strength days and two speed days, let’s see how well you perform in this challenge! Train at your own pace or compete against other members and EARN YOUR WEEKEND!

Elite Speed and Agility

Build and enhance speed, quickness, coordination, and body control. Improving linear speed is necessary, but agility, (the ability to rapidly change direction without losing speed or balance) is much more important. The Speed & Agility program works in close and careful conjunction with our Strength & Conditioning program to improve your overall athletic and fitness levels. All fitness levels are welcome as each training session is easily modified to suit a beginner or a professional athlete.

Program Goals:

Increase speed
Improve agility
Increase fast twitch muscles
Improve coordination
Increase explosive power

You will burn up to 1000 calories per class!

Elite Strength and Conditioning

Strength Training is a critical part of any exercise program. A fitness regimen void of strength training is going to be void of real results!

The Elite Edge Strength and Conditioning program is based on factual, scientific data, for both men and women. Time to eject the typical strength training image of a typical gym with weights and nothing else. Training sessions are easily modified for all fitness levels and goals – from beginners to the professional athletes.

Elite Edge Fitness instructors use TRX, kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, Olympic lifts, prowlers, sleds, core training, and more for the most progressive and results oriented strength training experience. Workouts are never repeated to ensure continual, total body progressions which means TANGIBLE RESULTS!

Program Goals:

Build stability
Increase metabolism
Develop a stronger core
Enhance functional strength

Workouts that deliver results

At Elite Edge Fitness we train for your goals. We employ the most advanced training techniques to push our athletes to their best possible outcomes.

Our trainers and coaches drive success

Elite Edge Fitness employs leading fitness coaches with experience in multiple disciplines. Learn more about our fitness training programs by trying a free session.